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Core-Fill 500™ Masonry Foam Insulation

Core-Fill 500™ is America’s leading foam insulation for concrete block, precast concrete and hollow cavity brick walls

Core-Fill 500™ is the leading foam-in-place insulation for concrete block, precast concrete and hollow cavity brick walls. Core-Fill 500 is a non-expanding aminoplast foam that looks like white shaving cream. The foam is injected under pressure into the empty cores of masonry walls. When insulating concrete block walls, pressure forces the foam from one core into adjacent cavities, flowing both vertically and horizontally, sealing even the smallest cracks and fissures. The insulated block structure forms a protective envelope, preventing air leaks, dramatically reducing sound transmission and sealing out moisture, pollutants and allergens. A trace amount of boric acid—the active ingredient in some household cockroach baits—in the resin prevents nesting by pests, as well as mold, mildew and bacteria growth.

Core-Fill 500™ emits no toxic gases during or after installation, and is not a skin or mucous membrane irritant like fiberglass. The aminoplast foam biodegrades gracefully—primarily into nitrogen—in the presence water and sunlight. Because of the very high nitrogen content, hardened Core-Fill 500™ foam has actually been ground up and used as fertilizer.


Core-Fill 500™ masonry insulation is a thermal foam insulation product. It is not intended and should never be used to increase the fire rating of a concrete masonry unit.

Architects Prefer Core-Fill 500™.

Core-Fill 500™ is an essential part of any construction project that values energy savings, indoor air quality and acoustic shielding. Architects have specified Core-Fill 500™ for thousands of commercial projects, including buildings for Walmart, Fresh Market, Whole Foods, Publix, Kroger, Lowes Hardware, PetSmart and Advanced Auto Parts. Core-Fill 500™ has successfully insulated stadiums and arenas, schools, churches, prisons, banks, hospitals and factories.

Core-Fill 500™ Application

Core-Fill 500™ has two components: an aminoplast resin and a catalyst foaming agent surfactant. Delivered with compressed air, the resulting foam mixture is a Class A building material for use in concrete masonry blocks, brick cavity wall systems and cavity spaces between brick and blocks. The foam mixture sets cold within 10 to 60 seconds of leaving the injection hose nozzle and does not expand, so enclosed spaces fill without pressure build-up. Before setting, the foam flows easily to fill an entire vertical cavity and adjacent cavities, regardless of shape or obstructions like pipe, wire, conduit, electrical boxes or trash in the wall. No surface preparation is required.

One big advantage of Core-Fill 500™ is that the insulation can be injected after all masonry construction is completed. This allows masonry crews to work without interruption, shortening construction time and cost.

Exclusive Distribution Channel and Warranty

Core-Fill 500™ is manufactured and shipped from the factory as a liquid, in tanker trucks, to an exclusive network of factory-certified installation contractors. Keeping the foam in liquid form from raw ingredient manufacturing to finished installation preserves the foam’s plasticity and ensures consistent product quality as installed. Shrinkage of the hardened foam across tens of thousands of projects and millions of insulated concrete blocks is less than one percent.

Competing masonry foam insulation products ship as a bagged dry resin powder that must be mixed with water at the construction site. Several batches are usually required to complete a single project. Inconsistent batch quality can result in foam shrinkage after installation.

The manufacturer of Core-Fill 500™, Tailored Chemical Products, has so much confidence in the consistency of their product and the accuracy of our installation work that they warrant not just the product but also our installation work. Tailored Chemical Products is the only masonry foam insulation manufacturer to warranty the quality of the installed insulation product.

Of course, any company can make a warranty promise. What makes this warranty truly impressive is that Tailored Chemical Products, headquartered in Hickory, North Carolina, has manufactured Core-Fill 500™ for over 30 years and is the largest producer of masonry foam insulation in the United States. State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, obsessive focus on quality assurance and the most extensive certified dealer/insulation contractor network in the industry have made Core-Fill 500™ North America’s most commonly specified and installed thermal and acoustical masonry foam insulation. Core-Fill 500™ has been installed in over one million new and existing construction projects throughout the United States.

Note: Core-Fill 500™ will not support compressive loads and is not recommended for ceiling or attic applications. The product should also not be used to create bouyancy for flotation, or in any application environment likely to see sustained temperatures in excess of 190°F.


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Core-Fill 500™ for Precast Concrete Panels

Core-Fill 500™ thermal and acoustic masonry foam insulation is also the preferred solution to insulate the cores of prestressed/precast hollow-core concrete panels, delivering the highest R-Value per inch of any integral masonry insulation and also effectively deadening sound. And because Core-Fill 500™ fills the core space completely, condensation issues and air infiltration through the cores are virtually eliminated. These superior performance characteristics combined with ease of installation provide the ultimate precast hollow-core insulation system.

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