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Aldo Products Company, Inc. is a leading supplier of primers and coating products to the polyurethane foam roofing industry. Now after extensive research and development, combined with successful testing at an independent lab, Aldo is pleased to introduce:

ALDOCOAT 757 Ignition Barrier Protective Coating® This water-based and environmentally-safe product is the first ignition barrier coating product designed and formulated specifically for use over spray polyurethane foam

ALDOCOAT 757 Ignition Barrier Protective Coating® is designed to meet code requirements as a protective coating over spray polyurethane foam in crawl space and attic areas.

Successfully tested as an ignition barrier over polyurethane foam!

For use in crawl space and attic areas over ICYNENE & InsulStar® polyurethane foam insulation!

Acrylic, water-based formulation for easy use and clean up!
One coat application!

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