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August 27, 2014

Icynene Receives 3 Building Industry Awards for Spray Foam Insulation Products

The US home building industry continues to acknowledge Icynene’s product innovation as Professional Builder, Professional Remodeler and Executive Home Builder magazine award the spray foam manufacturer for its latest open and closed cell spray foam products.

The US building industry has recognized Icynene’s product innovation again. Professional Builder, Professional Remodeler and Executive Home Builder magazine award the spray foam manufacturer for its latest open and closed cell spray foam products.


Icynene Classic Max™ (an open-cell, ignition barrier free spray foam) was selected as one of the 100 Best New Products for 2014 by readers and editors of Professional Builder magazine. This is the second consecutive year the publication has honored Icynene’s product innovation. Icynene Classic Max (LD-C-50v2) open-cell spray foam insulation has been approved by ICC-ES for use without an ignition barrier in residential projects, including unvented attics. This innovative spray foam insulation also provides up to 50 percent greater yield than competitive sucrose-based spray foam formulas, superior cohesion and adhesion to substrates, drip-free application and advanced air pocket control.

Icynene ProSeal Eco™ is the world’s first 100% water blown closed-cell medium density spray foam. The editors of Professional Remodeler selected ProSeal Eco™ as one of the 100 Best New Products for 2014.

Executive Home Builder awarded its 2014 Innovation Award for Spray Foam Insulation to Icynene for the fourth consecutive year, emphasizing Icynene’s continuing push to innovate new products that meet home building industry needs.

“It is an honor for Icynene to be singled out by these publications,” said Betsy Cosper, Icynene VP Marketing, adding, “Icynene aims to drive the building industry into new frontiers through our continual product development and innovation. Both Icynene Classic Max and Icynene ProSeal Eco address key issues faced by architects, builders and designers today. No other spray foam insulation manufacturer has been able to match Icynene’s commitment to developing functional, high-performance spray foam insulation products.”

February 26, 2014

Icynene Spray Foam Insulation Rated First in Insulation Product Quality for Third Consecutive Year

U.S. home builders have once again ranked Icynene number one. 2,854 builders rated Icynene the number one insulation brand in product quality for the third consecutive year, solidifying Icynene’s position as the leading spray foam insulation in the home building industry. On a scale of 1 to 7, Icynene ranked ahead of all other insulation brands in product quality with an aggregate average score of 6.06. Owens-Corning ranked second at 5.86. No other spray foam insulation brand ranked in the top five brands.

The product quality rankings were clearly not influenced by promotional efforts. While Icynene had the highest brand recognition (41%) of any spray foam insulation brand, Owens-Corning—the leading traditional fiberglass insulation brand—enjoys 85% awareness among home builders. The other major fiber insulation brands (Dow, Johns Manville, CertainTeed) also had higher brand awareness than Icynene. As for the awareness of other spray foam insulation brands, BASF branded spray foam insulation had the second highest awareness among home builders surveyed at 36%. Bayer MaterialScience, which manufacturers spray foam insulation under the Bayseal® brand, had just 12% awareness and NCFI’s InsulStar® brand had just 10% awareness.

“To be recognized for a third consecutive year as the number one insulation brand for quality is a tremendous honor and an incredible achievement. The result is testimony that builders trust Icynene because it is specifically dedicated to spray foam insulation solutions. Our commitment to the highest standards of building science research, product quality and innovation ensure that builders, architects and homeowners are using the best insulation available on the market,” said Betsy Cosper, Icynene VP Marketing.

“For three years, we have seen the Icynene brand consistently ranked number one in the Hanley Wood Builder Magazine study with the ranking average progressively increasing year over year. These results show that Icynene and its commitment to quality resonate within the industry and that people are looking for modern, energy efficient insulation options that go beyond what traditional insulation can offer,” said Mrs. Cosper.

The Builder Magazine 2013 Brand Use Study results follow a recent spate of recognition from within the industry including the Hot 50 Product for Icynene Classic Max™ by Green Builder Media, the Building Products Brand Survey award for Insulation - Interior by Peninsula Publishing and the SPF Innovation Award by Home Builder Executive Magazine.

January 30, 2014

Icynene Showcases Open-cell Spray Foam Innovation in NextGen Home at 2014 International Builders Show

Spray foam insulation manufacturer Icynene will continue its collaboration with NextGen Home this year, as it showcases its open-cell spray foam insulation product, Icynene Classic™, at the upcoming 2014 International Builders Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Icynene’s collaboration with the 2014 NextGen Home follows the spray foam manufacturer’s involvement with NextGen Home TV series “Make It Home” with interior designer Jillian Harris. Both projects showcase the immediate and long-term benefits of Icynene spray foam insulation and how homeowners can be more energy efficient by insulating and air-sealing in one step.

Visitors to the NextGen Home will be able to learn how Icynene Classic™ both insulates and air-seals a home’s building envelope to reduce energy waste and air leakage. With Icynene Classic™, homeowners are able to reduce their monthly heating and cooling expenses by up to 50%. The spray foam insulation is applied as a liquid and expands up to 100 times within seconds, when sprayed on a surface, filling every nook and cranny within the building envelope.

As the industry leader in innovation, Icynene’s range of spray foam insulation products help improve the efficiency of homes and commercial buildings. For instance, the spray foam manufacturer’s Icynene Classic Max™ is the only product that offers homeowners the opportunity to build the safest attic, by self-extinguishing an attic fire before it has a chance to spread. This product has the most comprehensive fire testing in the industry.

August 31, 2009

Tailored Foam of Florida Helps the Weather Channel’s Dr. Anna Marie Renovate an Old Florida House

Anna Marie Chwastiak, D.P.M, better known to Weather Channel viewers as Dr. Anna Marie, kept viewers updated on the health impacts of each day’s weather forecast with her “Forecast for Health” from 2003 to 2009. While horseback riding near the Ocala National Forest, she discovered an old horse farm for sale. The property, originally called Camberly Ranch, included a concrete block house constructed in 1971.

Tailored Foam of Florida was called in as part of a “green” renovation team, with the goal of turning the home into the most energy efficient structure possible. Tailored Foam insulated the home’s old concrete walls with Core-Fill 500™ masonry foam insulation. Core-Fill 500™ fills the cavities and cracks in a block wall so completely that Dr. Anna Marie noticed Core-Fill 500™ oozing out the sides of an electric wall receptacle face plate by the front door.

Two other factors that made Core-Fill 500™ a perfect choice for insulating the concrete block walls of a “super green” home were non-toxic prest control and bio-degradability. Core-Fill 500™ is formulated with trace amounts of boric acid, the primary ingredient in household powders designed to kill cockroaches. This gives the insulation excellent pest control qualities without posing any meaningful risk for the home’s occupants. Also, Core-Fill 500™ contains a high concentration of nitrogen, the primary ingredient in fertilizers. Consequently, any Core-Fill 500™ that ends up in a landfill will bio-degrade in an environmentally safe manner.

When it came to the attic, the pink fiberglass insulation laid on the attic floor 40 years earlier was “pretty much gone,” said Dr. Anna Marie. So Tailored Foam sprayed the underside of the roof deck with Icynene’s castor oil-based open-cell spray foam insulation, creating an environmentally friendly and airtight sealed (unvented) attic.

The renovation also included new flexible duct work in the attic, whole house air filtration and dehumidification systems, and a new gethermal heat pump for cooling and heating. Supplemental air filtration and dehumidification equipment is sometimes recommended for airtight homes insulated with foam insulation. The reason is that with a home so well insulated and sealed against air infiltration, the heat pump air conditioning and heating system won’t run nearly as much as it would with conventional insulation. So it’s a good idea to have a system that can remove airborne moisture generated by indoor sources and keep the air fresh.

One big goal of the project is to get the more energy efficient home certified as an ENERGY STAR® home. Owners of ENERGY STAR®homes qualify for federal income tax credits. The entire project, called the “Greenovation of Terra Verde,” will be featured on the next season of “Your Life,” Chwastiak’s nationally syndicated better living show.

The energy efficiency strategy for the Greenovation project was created and directed by Dr. Jennifer Languell, President of the Florida Green Building Coalition and “Dr. Green” of the Discovery Channel’s “Project Earth” series. One of Dr. Languell’s favorite axioms is, “When it comes to energy efficiency, it’s envelope, envelope, envelope.” When you are interested in improving the energy efficiency of your home or commercial building, call Tailored Foam of Florida.

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ENERGY STAR® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.